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» About Us

Quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important for a family owned business like ours. All of our products are designed with the end user in mind. Because we are horse owners as well, we know what works and what doesn’t.
When it comes to horses, we walk the walk; the quality, safety, convenience and durability of every Equiracks product is unmatched.
In a family-owned business like ours, we know, “every horseman needs a good tack rack,” and Equiracks, Inc. will give you just that – high quality, great looking tack racks at a great price.
Priced lower than the competition and made from the most durable products available, Equiracks, Inc. gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your tack will be organized and protected under any conditions.
At Equiracks, Inc., customer satisfaction is extremely important. Because we are horse people as well, we know what works and what doesn’t. All of our racks are designed with the consumer in mind.